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“Dr. Ferry and staff, thanks for all your hard work! All three of my kids have been patients here at Ferry Orthodontics. While my youngest is still in treatment, my older two have completed treatment and I am completely impressed with their results! Briana’s before-and-after work is amazing! Her teeth look wonderful! Your work and service is impeccable! Thanks again!” — Nancy F.

“Why Ferry Orthodontics? Why not Ferry Orthodontics? In today’s world of orthodontia, I assume that every practice has the same state-of-the-art equipment that Dr. Ferry has, the same box of goodies when you get your braces on, the same colorful elastics, and all of the other fun stuff that goes along with getting your braces on. It’s the people that really make the difference. My kids love to go to this office! They love Dr. Mike! Everyone there is so knowledgeable, so helpful — they are always willing to work with your schedule. Someone is always available to answer your question on the phone, whether you need to talk to Dr. Mike or one of the assistants in the office. You are never without an answer or an appointment that works for your schedule.

“My girls’ smiles look so great; all three of my children have been patients of Dr. Mike: my oldest is done with her braces and in the retainer stage, and my other two are mid-treatment. I was so happy with the experience here that I opted for Invisalign® for myself! After years of not being happy with my own smile, I spoke to Dr. Mike at length about Invisalign and whether or not it would be right for me. I am halfway through my treatment and am so happy with the change already! Ferry Orthodontics is the right choice!” — Kara M.

“We absolutely love Ferry Orthodontics! We would highly recommend them to everyone. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Ferry and staff. It is great to know the care of your children is in such good hands and with someone who loves what he does.” — Nancy S.

“When our middle daughter seemed to have more teeth than mouth, we went right to Dr. Ferry! He and his wonderful staff examined her, took X-rays and impressions, and used his state-of-the-art computer program to show us just what needed to be done to give her a beautiful smile. And after just a few quick years—boom! Our girl now has a smile that rivals those of the stars! Thank you, Dr. Ferry! You are a rock star!

“Our youngest daughter has a number of skeletal and bone anomalies. As you can imagine, this was a great concern for us, and, as she grew, we realized those abnormalities extended to her jaw, mouth, and teeth. We went to our family orthodontist, Dr. Ferry, with our worries. He put our minds at ease immediately. He was able to develop a course required to correct her jaw, bite, and teeth. It will be a few years before her Hollywood smile fully debuts, but we have already seen great progress from her short time with a palate expander and first stage of braces. She is looking lovely, feeling confident (she is in junior high so it matters!), and we couldn’t be happier with her experience at Ferry Orthodontics.

“We are grateful for the talented and knowledgeable Dr. Ferry and love his kind and capable staff. Thanks, Dr. Mike!” — Laura T.

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